Hosting a Tiddlywiki file on Blot

I tried hosting a Tiddlywiki file on my Blot as a Page. I realised this is a bad idea. I should store it as a File — I guess, and embed it in a page instead. I can’t host it as a stand-alone html page, so it seems.

Thinking about it, I can direct link. If I store it with the file name index.html in a folder called Wiki it should work?

Hmm ok..

Update: it works!

I hope this is acceptable use of the Blot platform. My wiki file is 3MB. I guess it’s ok.

Update 2: it doesn’t work! It’s now taken over my home page of my Blot. This is a terrible idea. I’ll take it down and do something else.

2019-11-12 Tiddlywiki Blot

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