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Facebook Profile

I mainly use my profile for personal connections. I prefer for folks who don’t know me to Follow my profile, but I’m open to genuine connections on my Friends List.

My profile is not your business opportunity and I am quick to delete folks who send a lot of requests.

Close Friends List

I use the Close Friends list for close friends, friends, and folks I enjoy connecting with. If you’re on this list please don’t take it personally. It’s just a handy way I can separate out my posts.

Facebook Messenger

I prefer you contact me via email, WhatsApp, or Telegram. But..

I recently started using Messenger again. And it’s just for friends, thank you.

I stopped using Messenger a long time ago because it got really hard to manage. I generally don’t enjoy the way a lot of folks use Messenger, so please consider my preferences if you decide to message me.


  • do send me real person-to-person messages
  • do check-in for conversations or chats with me


  • do not send me links or self-promotion messages
  • do not send me links to your Facebook posts
  • do not add me to group chats
  • do not send me generic messages you copied to multiple people
  • do not call me unless prearranged

These are just my preferences and there’s no big deal. Just letting you know in advance. Because I will not be giving my energy away to this platform again.

Here are my Contact Links aeryn.me/contact

2020-01-30 Social Media Links

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Telegram I can be contacted on Telegram app, username aerynnorth t.me/aerynnorth
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Twitter twitter.com/aerynnorth I mainly use Twitter for non-personal stuff like promoting my work and keeping up with certain rabbit holes of information. I

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