This is the personal home page of Aeryn North. Aeryn shares work online in two general projects, although of course they are closely related in a lot of ways.


Artist and Photographer

Aeryn has been an artist and photographer for her whole life. There is a new gallery website of works by Aeryn being expanded right now at


and the accompanying newsletter


Healer and Wayshower

Aeryn blogs, vlogs and shares an expanding perspective on the current global awakening of Humanity at


Personal Info

Aeryn lives in Greater Manchester (Stockport), UK. She has two children; enjoys green spaces, animals and birds; makes art and photography; loves the Scottish Islands; is healing; is a transgender/LGBT person; benefits from a lot of alone time; is a bit geeky; enjoys tinkering with code she doesn’t really understand; plays video games; and more.


This website is hosted on the Blot platform. Due to the nature and purpose of this site, it is anticipated that posts and pages will come and go. Links may break. And the RSS feed may get a little messy for subscribers sometimes.

Blog posts are listed on the Archives page, and a TiddlyWiki scrapbook’ can be found on the Wiki page. These are used for posting content that doesn’t fit into the two main projects.


Please contact Aeryn via one of her main projects, or






more to come..

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